Monday to Friday
8:30-12:30/14:30-17:30 Saturday 8:30-12:30

Our Selected Meats

We started out as a producer of fresh turkey meat from which we also make some excellent cold cuts, but for some years now it has been possible to find all types of meat from local farms and fresh game.

Our Cold Cuts

We specialise in the production of speciality and quality cured meats including bresaola and turkey salami, Tuscan and wild boar salami and "pepine", a type of raw sausages.

Our Olive Oil

Our extra virgin olive oil is proudly produced in the Florentine countryside, in Settignano.

The harvesting of our variety of olives, grown on centuries-old olive trees, is done in the traditional way and is entirely family-run.

Tuscan Products

Inside the Store you can find many other typical Tuscan products such as wines, jams and honeys, sauces, dried mushrooms, pasta and jars in oil.

Our Pine Nuts

The pine nuts come directly from our pine forest in the San Rossore-Migliarino-Massaciuccoli Natural Park. They are an organic product, the quality and traditionality of which is obtained from the pines of the Mediterranean maquis, to which we owe their resinous flavour and intense aroma, as well as the processing methods that involve the use of very old machines and traditional premises.

Products From Our Land

In the period of production you can find excellent fresh vegetables grown in the countryside surrounding our shop such as cabbage, watermelons, melons, potatoes, peppers, tomatoes, spinach, savoy cabbage, pumpkins and courgettes.